Authors of speculative fiction and paranormal nonfiction
The Magicke Outhouse All Plucked up
“Unique cast of characters makes this a fun and enjoyable read!”   “A breezy, quirky mystery that is as engaging as it is hilarious.”
– Alex J. Cavanaugh Mario Acevedo
Little Greed Men   Strange Attractors
“It starts at an attention-snagging pace and grows throughout. A delicious romp through a tight adventure.”   “ should climb in, climb down the friendly and seemingly welcoming surface, and let yourself disappear in here a while.”
–  W.C. Jameson   John Barnes
Tamped But Loose Enough to Breathe Wire Song
“Todd's welcoming voice--veering like life itself between sadness and hilarity--should be welcome everywhere poetry is heard.”   “Mark Todd ... gives memorable expression to a particular place -- the high plains and mountian valleys of the Colorado Rockies.”
– David Mason Dana Gioia
A fun guide for getting your feet wet when it comes to ghost hunting, this book targets 14 off-the-beaten-path hotels. It covers simple equipment you can use on your phone or tablet, also covering local history, ambiance, legends, and our own personal experiences at each hotel. Published by Raspberry Creek Books.

"Mark and Kym have done a fantastic job illuminating some of the
curious corners of our world so that all of us may see them. This
book is a wonderful addition to any library but keep it in your travel-bag, not on the shelf."

John E.L. Tenney, co-host of Destination
America’s Ghost Stalkers television series

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